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Chameleon Art

Born in the Sunshine state, Camille Benson has moved from her home base to live in Nashville, Tennessee. Throughout her creative career Camille has been regarded by her peers as a hardworking and motivated creative. Prior to her tattoo apprenticeship, Camille attended her dream school, the Savannah College of Art and Design, where she majored in Illustration with a concentration in Surface Design. Growing up and becoming part of the punk and hardcore scene in Broward County, Florida, exposed Camille to all different forms of self expression, and the one that stuck with her and fascinated her the most was tattoos.

Camille is extremely motivated by her desire to connect with people and provide them the opportunity to further express themselves through her craft. Through Camille’s own firsthand experience of getting tattooed and becoming more confident about herself, she realized that becoming a tattoo artist can allow her to help other people feel this exact same way. Success to her means working with clients and creating meaningful and personalized designs that reflect their unique personalities and interests. 

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